Soul Coaching is a powerful program to connect you to your soul for nurturing, healing and guidance. 

As a Soul Coach, I will create a vortex for the 28 days through guided meditations connecting you each week to the assigned element and sending daily inspiring emails to keep you motived and focused. 

Your 28 day journey begins by connecting you to the four elements of Air, clearing your mental capacity. Week 2 working with the element of Water to release emotional baggage. Week 3 connecting to the spiritual aspect of Fire, guiding you to your higher self, and week 4 grounding all the energy by connecting to the element of Earth. Each individual will have their own experience and breakthroughs.  


I received my certification as a past life coach through soul coaching training. 

Past life regression is a safe and beautiful way to release stuck energy that has kept you in a cycle of repeated patterns.

When experiencing a past life regression you will see the role you've played that has similar situations you are struggling with today. With this powerful knowledge you will begin to understand and release these karma patterns. Experiencing past life regressions also helps you open up to your own intuition and guidance.  

Soul Coaching