Feng Shui meaning "wind-water" is an ancient Chinese practice to obtain balance and a peaceful state within.

Feng Shui is more then just placing furniture and objects in certain positions it helps de-clutter your life of emotional past through clutter clearing to open space for your dreams and desires. 

Feng Shui is meant to teach you how to sense what your home is lacking energy wise that reflects your inner self and outer life. Helen will help you create a home that works with you and your intentions. 

Feng Shui is an art to help you express your creativity and manifest your desires creating a sanctuary where you feel at peace inside and out. A personalized space intuned with your health and dreams creating a beautiful flow of life.

As a Feng Shui practitioner, Helen does not tell you how to set up your home, she helps you create your own personal sanctuary. 


Space clearing washes away old stagnate energy in your home or work place that prevents you from moving forward. 

The space clearing that Helen conducts is powerful and safe. She uses rice with earth minerals to protect your space giving you and your home a fresh new start. Your intentions should match the energy of your home. When you work only within yourself, your dwelling may cause a clash in what you seek to change. This is why, Helen believes it is crucial to work on yourself and your personal space together. 


Helen has created a powerful program combining Soul Coaching and Feng Shui to provide the most beneficial healing and manifestation experience. The coaching is customized to your needs.