Helen Piceno Journey 
Helen Piceno became her first student in healing and turned her life around from a repeated past of unworthiness and abuse. 

Helen’s soul vibrates to a shamanic soul and is an accomplished healer that has studied with world renowned healers and authors such as Denise Linn, Sonia Choquette, James Van Praagh, and Louise Klein. 

Helen understands that healing comes internally, and she helps you achieve that through working within your environment with the practice art of Feng Shui. 

Helen’s journey has taken her to become a certified Soul Coach and Past Life Coach through, Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching school and a graduate from the Etheric Eye of Feng Shui, Master Practitioner. 

Helen’s work involves space clearing your home to open up space for healing. Mediumship readings, delivering messages from past loved ones and Chakra readings using your seven chakras to uncover blocks and fears. 

Helen believes though her own journey and practice to create a balanced and harmonized life Feng Shui has been the most effective and ever lasting in healing and removing blocks to manifest beauty into her own life.