Helen Piceno 
Shamanic Soul

Helen Piceno has lived her life purpose, which has now brought her to teaching others how to heal their life by creating abundant beauty. 

Helen's approach is to awaken your gifts in intuition as a navigation to charter your course in life. She believes we all have struggles and attachments that keep us from our authenticity of living a life we truly desire. Helen understands that each individual is unique and therefor healing can only come from within. 

Helen has not only trained in the fields of holistic energy healing, she has experienced it all through her own life. Helen used alternative healing to transform her own life of unworthiness and abuse. From a young age Helen, struggled with addictions, depression and created a pattern of running from away problems which only brought her more intense suffering. 

Helen's work has brought her to full circle and enjoys life to the fullest. Helen loves to create beauty in her life by practicing feng shui, salsa dancing, yoga, and meditating that helps keep her life grounded and balance.  

Through her own trials and tribulations, Helen has trained with Denise Linn earning her soul coaching and past life certifications. The Etheric Eye School of Feng Shui graduating as master practitioner and intense mediumship training with James Van Praagh.