Helen Piceno 
Healing is an art. I love to channel your soul's messages so you can gain clarity and direction for your life. If you have been stuck, I will help you move forward using a combination of Soul Coaching, Feng Shui, Chakra Readings, and Past Life Regression. As a medium I can also channel messages from loved ones.

As a Master Practitioner of Feng Shui, I've learned through my own practice and experience that your home may be used to see the blocks you struggle with. Your home can be used as a powerful ally to internal clearing and healing, creating an external life of beauty and abundance. Soul Coaching and Feng Shui are designed to declutter your life of past stagnant energy that leaves us open to repeated cycles in the laws of attraction. In order for us to move forward we must release the energetic flow of past making a clear pathway to your soul of divine guidance. 

I have trained with Denise Linn in her Soul Coaching program and James Van Praagh in his Mastering Mediumship program, and Louise Klein in Feng Shui, Master Practitioner. 

It is such a privilege to work with people and help them find their own Soul Soulutions. I want to work with you.


Helen Piceno