My greatest gift is bringing people back into the light. I am an intuitive and vibrational healer. I've been called a modern day shaman and soul healer. I am here to help you reach the next level in your life. 

I will connect to your higher self through the heart space. The heart speaks volumes of the truth and your karmic life lessons. 

I understand your struggles. I've been through it all myself from physical abuse to feelings of unworthiness. 

My life purpose gave me the experience of knowing that transformation and healing comes from within.

My teachings will help you open up to your own divine guidance of intuition so your life purpose becomes clear. 

 I am also a certified Soul Coach, Past Life Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner. 

A session with me leaves you feeling tranquil and balanced.  

"My gifts and teaching are not only for the exclusive. I will work with you on time and fees."

                                     Helen, Shaman - Intuitive