Events & Testimonials   
"Helen is one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise has chosen to personally train in her specialized methods of coaching, 

        ~Denise Linn, Founder
                                                                           International Institute of Soul Coaching ®

I went to Helen for a reading after my husband had passed away. We had met at a business mixer and I was intrigued about getting a reading but a little skeptical. The first thing Helen told me about was an older man that liked his boots. My father passed several years ago and I kept his cowboy boots by his photo because they were very nice. I was in the process of moving and had just packed them up a few days prior. I was blown away. 

From there Helen went on to share many other details and I left the reading feeling comforted that my loved ones were together and watching over me. 

I highly recommend Helen for any of her services and I look forward to participating in her soul coaching workshop in the near future.

                                                                                                       -Kathryn Scott 
                                                                                                    Business Development 

Being in the same industry as Helen, I can honestly say she has much to offer and is an insightful gifted person of her profession. 
I have also interviewed Helen on my TV show, in which she gave a LIVE reading to a person on my crew. The reading was excellent and very accurate!

                                                                                                    -Nancy Seagal 
                                                         Poisoning Above it

Helen is an amazing intuitive that can assist you in creating peace within your home and your life. Her deep intuitive skills assist you in finding the blocks in your life and within your home, so that you can release them in order to find true peace and happiness.

                                                                                                          -Louise Klein  
​                                                                                                  Owner, Wind and Water Design     

My name is Ed and I am 22 years old. I am your typical college student, just trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I am originally from southern California and just recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona for school. I have known Helen my whole life, and think of her as a second mom. I really enjoy talking to her, because she is very easy to talk to, but also so positive. She doesn't just listen, but actually feels concerned about the people themselves.
One day while I was visiting Helen, we had long conversations about opening your heart and just feeling so much better about everything. I had never been able to open up to anyone like I did with Helen. She had me lie down and fully relax. I remember seeing a bright light and her saying, Ed don't be afraid go towards the light. As I went toward the light, I fully went unconscious. When I awoke Helen told me I was talking about my past life and how I died. It had something to do with me making shoes and somehow burning in my own factory. For the past ten years of my life I would have terrifying nightmares about dying in fires and waking up in a hot sweat. This was something I had never spoke with Helen about, but from that day forward I had not one nightmare about the fire. Words could not describe how good I felt opening up so much to Helen. My next anxiety I want Helen to help me with is my fears of flying, and I know she will be able to, because she has to ability to guide me to a more positive life. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Ed M.

Helen's readings are highly accurate and the images she use to convey the information she receives are creative and to the point. Her office is quiet and inviting and she is a warm and compassionate person with whom I felt immediately at ease. However, be advice that a session with Helen is more than a "feel good" spiritual pep talk. Be prepared to take a frank look at yourself and your issues whatever they may be and that can be liberating!! 

                                                                                                               - Jim F. 

"I'd like to express my gratitude to Helen for her readings and coaching, which have lead me to experience insights that have remained with me months after my session. Her guidance has allowed me to get back "in the flow" of life naturally, and I can't thank her enough for giving me the tools to manifest novelty and receive those creative 'a-ha' moments which seem to come much more easily now than they have in years."

Meditations has helped me in many different ways. When I was younger, I use to suffer from panic attacks and asthma. These attacks would affect me throughout my day and night affecting my ability to sleep and function in school. My mother (Helen) took me to see doctors who always told us that there was nothing physically wrong with me. Inhalers where prescribed and anit-anxiety medications too. I was also diagnose with attention deficit disorder (ADD). Finally, after exhausting all of our options my mother suggested that we try meditating. My mother guided me through meditations and past life regressions, it was unbelievable as to what it can do!! My mind was finally relaxed and I felt the world around me had slowed down. Through a meditation my mother guided me through a past life regression. I saw myself removing all of my chest pains and panic attacks by reliving one of my past lives, which I had died a horrible painful death. I saw in that past life that I had killed myself by drinking hot lantern oil. As soon as I awoke from my meditation, I felt relieved to be rid of whatever was haunting me and causing the attacks. Ever since that day, I have been free of all panic and asthma attacks. I am grateful that I never had to rely on brain altering drugs to relieve my symptoms. I feel what helped me was practicing mediations. That meaningful past life regression happened when I was 16. I am now 24 years old a self-taught musician and music producer.                                                                                                                                -Terrence O'Flaherty 

WOW!!!!! OMG!!!! I just had a phone reading (chakra system) and meditation with Helen and I can honestly say I feel ready to conquer the world and face my fears! I feel sooo uplifted! She was spot on in her reading!! She told me things that I already knew deep down, but didn't want to admit to myself. I especially loved the meditation. I thought it was a RECORDED meditation and was wondering why it was so specific to me, but it was Helen live! She's amazing! I felt as if my soul had been given a bath. LOL I do intend to continue my sessions with Helen because I know she has the ability to sooth my soul and steer me in the right direction. She suggested I get involved in dance classes to balance my second chakra which would help with some of my struggles. Helen explained that I need to have more (physical) contact with other people and I need to get out and get associated with my community. She said that my world is grey right now. At the moment it is so. I moved to SC about three years ago and the last two years was dedicated to school only, so I have still not established myself in my community. Now that's all I want to do! Thank you so much Helen. I will be forever grateful! Next I want to do a Past Life Regression session.                                                                                         -Rhonda M.

"I was unsure on what to expect from the session but felt reassured almost immediately by Helen's calm voice and warmth. She had a reassurance about herself which is important to me as it told me that she knew what she was talking about. Everything Helen mentioned resonated deeply with me some invoking painful memories and some allowing for pain to be set free. All in all it left me with so much more insight than I had before the session and tools to go forward with the most useful of all being hope. It's hard to hold on to that in the trials of life at times. Sometimes we need to be reminded (thank you Helen.

                                                                                                 -With much peace and joy, A.    


What if you could revisit a past life that influences this life and gain knowledge on why you struggle with repeated patterns? 

Taking an inward journey into a past life gives you remarkable insights on why you struggle in certain negative patterns and illnesses in your current life. 

What if I told you, that you could go and change the past? Your past lives are alive in the akashic records and can be revisited under your control. When we reincarnate into this life, this body, we cross over energies from a past life that plays a significant role in the present. 

In my practice of past life regressions, I've seen reoccurring nightmares, relationships, claustrophobia, and illnesses heal. Experiencing a past life regression also opens the doors to your own intuitive abilities.

Give yourself a gift to a remarkable journey inward to your higher self. It’s time to view your world from a higher perspective in the holistic intuitive arts of healing your life. 

The energies are so powerful when people come together with the same intentions of healing and intuitive awakening. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite friends and family to experience a soul journey. 

Feng Shui 101 Workshop 

This four week workshop will meet weekly to help you learn how your home effects you internally and externally. We will explore what the energy is saying in your home by connecting to your space in meditation. 

Feng Shui 101 will help you see and feel what your home is lacking. Our homes are like our bodies, it provides shelter, comfort and healing. If your home is in a disarray, more then likely it will effect your health and what you are attracting in your life. 

To keep it simple we will focus on one room that calls to your attention that needs love. The workshop will help you move stagnant energy by clutter clearing your space. The next step would be to infuse the art of Feng Shui in your home to bring balance and harmony in your home and life.

Feng Shui allows you to use your home as a blank canvas to create beauty in your life. 

As you start moving towards a life filled with contentment and abundance, you will understand why Feng Shui is sometimes known as “ the art of happiness.” 

Manifesting with the Universe 

In this workshop you will learn how to align your vibration/energy with the Universe by “feeling” what you would like to manifest. 

Manifesting takes more then just visualization techniques. It takes a combination of visualization and feelings.This workshop will help you recognize your vibration and how to open up to receive the abundant flow of the Universe. 

We will first experience our inner vibration through music therapy to help set the tone of happiness and love internally to manifest what you want. This will help you evolve in raising your vibration to align with the Universe. Next, I will lead you to a guided mediation to work at uncovering blocks that have prevented you from being in alignment within the flow of the abundant Universe. 

Manifesting is more then obtaining materialistic desires. We are open receivers to manifest health, career, healthy relationships, love, and abundant wealth. The Universe will answer your request through synchronicity events: A brilliant idea, being in the right place at the right time, blessed opportunities, Etc. 

Then it’s up to you to answer the calls by taking action to manifest your desires. 

You’re a trust fund baby of the Universe, come and see what gifts await you through this manifestation course.

Helen provides readings on the second and last Thursday's of each month at The Halcyon Store. 

936 S. Halcyon Rd
Halcyon, California 
(805) 489-2432