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Learning how to access this inner truth of being centered, feeling loved and supported by the Universe takes patience, practice and guidance from an experienced spiritual counselor. Helen will teach you how to open up your own doors to the support of Divine Guidance using the tools of Readings, Chakra Work, Soul Coaching, Feng Shui, and Guided Mediations.   

These tools are gifts of intuition, (inner teacher), clairvoyant, (clear sight), clairaudient, (hearing the wise words of your inner teacher), clairsentience, (feeling inner guidance), and higher knowing, (believing in these gifts by acknowledging hope and faith in you). Let me help you discover and use these tools to seek the wisdom and transform your life. 

Helen will lead you to experience that sacred place within you - that secret space that holds a well of knowledge that has been waiting for you to discover its answers to the questions being asked in your life. It’s in that center that you will be able to connect and nurture your body, mind, soul and spirit.  Living in this state of grace is not something that we are usually taught while growing up. Many of us were brought up feeling left out, and treated as burdens; unsupported, rejected, and unloved. 

Intuitive Soul Coaching and Feng Shui has the ability to open and move energy in transforming a life of healing possibilities in love, wealth, family, beautiful synchronistic events, health, reputation and career. Everything speaks with energy! 

What is your energy saying about you and how is the energy manifesting your life?

Are you ready to change your pattern of living from simply surviving day to day to being in total spiritual alignment with the universe?  This could be your time to begin a new life!



"I like to approach my teaching as an art helping you discover your intuition and authenticity. "It's time to start seeing and living your truth.”