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Photo by Helen Piceno 
Congratulations on taking the first steps exploring alternative solutions for your soul’s growth and lessons in healing and letting go. We are all different and unique individuals, therefore no one way works for everyone. We possess our own patterns and gifts that speaks a novel to the Universe, creating repeat cycles or a gentle flow of progression. 

Learning to trust comes from within on what to release and how to heal in moving forward to make peace, creating a life that was meant to be loved and joyful.  

My programs are designed to personally assist you to connect with your higher power and soul. You will learn how the Universe connects and speaks to you in receiving messages. Why you have these karma blocks and how to release them in a slow process that feels safe and sacred. 

The chakra readings go deep within the core of the soul lessons and purpose. That is the beginning of this fascinating and personal journey. Then together we work at releasing these blocks by learning from the lesson through soul coaching and feng shui. 

You see, everything is alive, everything speaks. Our Akashic records are a pulsating energetic creation that provides all that has transpired from the beginning of your souls birth to now. It is very much alive and therefor we are able to use these energetic records to change patterns of the past, to heal the present. 

Welcome to Shamanic Solutions 

It would bring me great joy to continue my purpose work in helping you achieve healing for the mind body and soul. 


Helen Piceno